Ensuring Income Security and Welfare in Old Age

  • Suzana Bornarova

    Coordinator of the National Centre for Training in Social Development, Institute for Social Work and Social Policy; Faculty of Philosophy, University Ss Cyril and Methodius

    • Topic of the paper:Social Exclusion, Ethnicity and older people in Macedonia, Research Highlights
    • Research interests:
    • Email:bornarova@yahoo.com
  • Margarita Gedvilaitė

    Research Assistant, Institute for Social Research of Lithuania , Vilnius

    • Topic of the paper:The intergenerational solidarity systems in Lithuania: quantitative and qualitative insights
    • Research interests:
    • Email:mgedvilaite@yahoo.com
  • Igor Guardiancich

    Post-doctoral fellow, Lecturer at the Department of Political Science of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

    • Topic of the paper:Social Inclusion during Retirement in Three ex-Yugoslav Countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia Compared
    • Research interests:Social policy, international political economy, post-socialist transition, European integration
    • Email:igor.guardiancich@eui.eu
  • Valentina Hlebec

    Head of Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

  • Maša Filipovič Hrast

    Faculty of social sciences, Ljubljana

    • Topic of the paper:Intergenerational Transfers and Solidarity Systems in Slovenia
    • Research interests:Social exclusion, social cohesion, local ties, social networks, vulnerable groups, and elderly
    • Email:Masa.Filipovic@fdv.uni-lj.si
  • Sanja Jankelic

    Sociologist and Gerontologist; Independent High Associate, Department for Programs and Projects in Health Care and Iinternational Cooperation, City Goverment of Belgrade, Serbia

    • Topic of the paper:Basic Human Rights of the Elderly Women in Rural Areas in Serbia: Evaluation of Social and Health Security of the Elderly Rural Women
    • Research interests:Sociology, Sociology on Ageing, Gerontology, Population studies, Female/Gender studies
    • Email:jankelics@ikomline.net
  • Vassil Kovatchev

    Independent Demographer, Centre for population studies, Bulgarian Academy of Science

    • Topic of the paper:Aging and Demographic Potential in the Balkan Countries in Transition
    • Research interests:Demography, Population, Ageing
    • Email:vkova4ev@abv.bg
  • Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková

    PhD Student, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno

    • Topic of the paper:Transformation of Social Services for Elderly in the Czech Republic/ Active Aging in the Czech Republic: The Case of Centers for Seniors
    • Research interests:
    • Email:
  • Edlira Narazani

    Research Fellow, Department of Economics, “Cognetti de Martiis”, Turin PhD Economics

    • Topic of the paper:Microeconomic impact of remittances in Balkan Countries
    • Research interests:
    • Email:narazani@econ.unito.it
  • Agnes K. Nemenyi

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Sociology and Social work, Department of Sociology, University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    • Topic of the paper: International migration and its consequences on the rural families in Romania
    • Research interests:Rural–urban sociology, Sociology of family and gender study, Sociology of education, Social stratification and mobility
    • Email:anemenyi@socasis.ubbcluj.ro
  • Gaiane L. Safarova

    Head, Laboratory of the Demography of Ageing, Saint-Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, North-Western Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

    • Topic of the paper:Aging in Russia and Ukraine: a comparative analysis of current state and future trends
    • Research interests:
    • Email:safarova@emi.nw.ru
  • Boguslawa E. Urbaniak

    Chair of the Department of Labour and Social Policy, University of Łódź (Poland)

    • Topic of the paper:Employment and labour market institutions for an aging workforce – a survey made for Poland
    • Research interests:economics of labour, HRM, industrial relations, social policy, including economic activity of elderly
    • Email:bogelur@toya.net.pl
  • Sainsus Valeriu

    Professor Associate, Department “Economical Thinking, Demography and Geo-economy” Academy of Economical Study the Republic of Moldova, members in National Commission for Population and Development.

    • Topic of the paper:Population ageing impact on pension system in the Republic of Moldova; possible righting ways, evolution, trends, socio-demographic effects and mechanisms of reestablishment
    • Research interests:demography: depopulation, ageing, gender and generational relationships, migration
    • Email:sainsusvaleriu@gmail.com
  • Zyta Beata Wojszel

    Senior lecturer of the Department of Geriatrics, Medical University of Bialystok

    • Topic of the paper:Social support networks, functional abilities and services usage among urban and rural elderly people in Poland
    • Research interests:
    • Email:wojszel@umwb.edu.pl
  • Merita (Vaso) Xhumari

    Head of the Department of Sociology, Political Sciences and Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tirana University,Albania

    • Topic of the paper:Sustainability of the Pension Systems in Western Balkans: Three case studies – Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo (with the focus on socio-economic, political and demographic changes 1990-2009)
    • Research interests:Research interests: Social Policy in transition countries, mainly Western Balkans
    • Email:mxhumari@icc-al.org