Migration and Its Effects on Demographic and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Yelis Erolova Ahmedova

    Research Associate at Balkan Ethnology Department - Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Science

    • Topic of the paper:New dimensions in Roma Mobility in CEE - a case study on Roma migrations from Bulgaria to Poland
    • Research interests:
    • Email:kham@abv.bg
  • Olexia Basarab

    Research Director, Strategic and Security Studies Group, Kyiv,

    • Topic of the paper:The effects of citizenship and migration policies of neighbouring countries on the migration process in Moldova and southern-western regions of Ukraine
    • Research interests:
    • Email:o.basarab@gmail.com; basarab@gsbs.org.ua
  • Sanja Batić

    Social Worker, DP”DES” Novi Sad, Enterprise for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training of Persons with Disability, Phd candidate, University in Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

    • Topic of the paper:Rationale and Finding Path to Move from the Brain Drain to Brain Gain
    • Research interests:Migration Psychology, Academic Plagiarism, Nonverbal Communication, Mental Health
    • Email:sanja.batic@gmail.com
  • Catalin Berescu

    President Frontal Association, Bucharest

    • Topic of the paper:A place for our children: Roma migrants from Eastern Europe and the new ghettos
    • Research interests:
    • Email: catalinberescu@gmail.com
  • Aleksandar Božić

    UNDP & Researcher at Association of Social Workers, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Topic of the paper:A Two Way Ticket: Return Migration of Tertiary (Post)Graduates As A Potential Channel of the Gain Brain Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Research interests:migration (highly skilled migration, foster migration and related social and economic transformations) and social policy and practice (child and family welfare/ juvenile justice, community mental health, community based interventions and support system, non-profit human service organisations, social safety nets).
    • Email:bozic.aco@gmail.com
  • Marek Čaněk

    PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague

    • Topic of the paper:Migration at the Intersection of State Policies and Public Tenders in Times of Economic Crisis: The case of migrant forest workers in the Czech Republic
    • Research interests:Migrant labour in Central and Eastern Europe, migration policies
    • Email:marek.canek@gmail.com
  • Neda Deneva

    PhD student , Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

    • Topic of the paper:Transnational Aging Carers: On Transformation of Kinship and Citizenship in the Context of Migration among Bulgarian-Muslims in Spain
    • Research interests:Transnational migration, anthropology of the state and of citizenship, ageing, social security, Bulgarian Muslims, anthropology of birth and motherhood
    • Email:deneva_neda@ceu-budapest.edu
  • Petra Ezzeddine

    Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Department of Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

    • Topic of the paper:Ageing, Care and Migration of Ukrainian women in the Czech Republic
    • Research interests:gender, migration, globalization of care, ageing, family and kinship, qualitative research methods
    • Email:luksik76@hotmail.com
  • Alexi Gugushvili

    PhD Researcher at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy, Visiting Researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

    • Topic of the paper:Welfare State, Social Stratification, Democracy and Emigration Intentions
    • Research interests:Intergenerational social mobility, welfare attitudes, social policies, life course, poverty, social exclusion and material deprivation
    • Email:Alexi.Gugushvili@EUI.eu
  • Hariz Halilovich

    Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, Department of General Practice, Monash University, Melbourne

    • Topic of the paper:Bosnian Austrians: Accidental Migrants in Trans-Local and Cyber Spaces
    • Research interests:forced migration, Diasporas, social memory, human rights and education, and reconciliation
    • Email:hariz.halilovich@monash.edu
  • Fosztó László

    Researcher, The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj, Romania

    • Topic of the paper:Roma/Gypsy communities on the move: the conditions and impact of migration in two ethnically mixed villages in Eastern Transylvania (Romania)
    • Research interests:
    • Email:laszlo.foszto@gmail.com, l.foszto@ispmn.gov.ro
  • Ljupka Mandić

    PhD student, Faculty of Philosophy- Sociology Department, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

    • Topic of the paper:The Process of Readmission and Social Integration of Returnees in Serbia
    • Research interests:vulnerable groups, social welfare, international migrations, labour sociology, medical sociology
    • Email:ljupkamandic@yahoo.com
  • Isilda Mara

    Research Fellow at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, Albanian Centre for Social Economic Research, Fellowship hosted by University of Salzburg

    • Topic of the paper:Occupation dynamic of return migrants: the Albanian case
    • Research interests:labour economics, return migration, informal economy, welfare, microeconometrics, human capital
    • Email:isi.mara@yahoo.com, mara@wiiw.ac.at
  • Tatiana-Roxana Nae

    University Assistant, PhD, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

    • Topic of the paper:Migration and its effects on demographic and economic development in Romania
    • Research interests:Labour market policy, Migration, Employment, Social exclusion, Vulnerability to poverty, Public and private services, Business environment and commerce, Commercial Transactions
    • Email:nae.roxana@yahoo.com
  • Vladimir Otrachshenko

    PhD. candidate, Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal

    • Topic of the paper:Life (Dis)satisfaction and Decision to Migrate: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe
    • Research interests:Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Valuation, Happiness Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Micro econometric Analysis
    • Email:vladotr@fe.unl.pt
  • Olga Popova

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg, Germany Junior Researcher, Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (CERGE-EI), Prague, Czech Republic

    • Topic of the paper:Life (Dis)satisfaction and Decision to Migrate: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe
    • Research interests:Happiness Economics, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics, Microeconometric Analysis, Transition Economies, Labor Economics, Public Economics
    • Email:opopova@cerge-ei.cz
  • Martina Sekulová

    Research Fellow, Institute for Public Affairs, Bratislava, Institute of Ethnology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Culture Anthropolgy, Department of Ethnology and Culture Anthropology Comenius University Bratislava

    • Topic of the paper:It Is Not a Choice, It Is a Must: Family and Gender Implications of Elder Care on Migration from Slovakia to Austria
    • Research interests:
    • Email:sekulova@ivo.sk
  • Magdalena Slavkova

    Research Associate in the Balkan Ethnology Department, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences PhD in Ethnology

    • Topic of the paper:Bulgarians and Gypsies in the Mediterranean countries: migratory experiences and multi-belonging
    • Research interests:Romani communities, identities and religion, the influence of the trans-border migration on the Romani intergroup social organization, and also the way of life of Bulgarian citizens in Mediterranean countries.
    • Email:chachipe@abv.bg
  • Ewa Slezak

    Reader, Department of Economics, Cracow University of Economics, Poland

    • Topic of the paper:The post- EU integration migration and the intergenerational relations in the Central and Eastern European countries. The case of Poland.
    • Research interests:
    • Email:ewa.slezak@uek.krakow.pl
  • Milan Spasojević

    Professor of University of Nis, Faculty of Economics, Serbia

    • Topic of the paper:Return Retirement Migration Flow from EU Countries to northeast Serbia
    • Research interests:Economic geography, Evaluation of spatial potential, geo-demography, labour migration
    • Email:milansp_2000@yahoo.com
  • Marija Stambolieva

    PhD student, University of Kassel, Germany

    • Topic of the paper:Labour Migration and Social Security Coordination: Effects on Welfare in Countries of Origin and Destination – the cases of Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo
    • Research interests:post-socialist transformations, democratization processes, social policy, education and development.
    • Email:marija.stambolieva@yahoo.de
  • Alissa V. Tolstokorova

    International School for Equal Opportunities, Head of Research experts group, Kiev, Ukraine

    • Topic of the paper:All Girls’ Best Friend? : Care Diamond in Ukraine in the Context of Population Aging
    • Research interests:equal opportunities policy, policy of gender mainstreaming, gender and migration in Ukraine, global care economy , care drain from Ukraine in the context of global care chains, gender and development.
    • Email:alicetol@yahoo.com
  • Islam Yusufi

    Founder Analytica think tank, Skopje, Macedonia

    • Topic of the paper:Demographic Convergence: How the demographic shifts are transforming the government
    • Research interests:interrelationship between governance and public policy process.
    • Email:iyusufi@analyticamk.org
  • Karolis Žibas

    Junior researcher- PhD student, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Institute for Ethnic Studies,Vilnius, Lithuania

    • Topic of the paper:Immigration Processes in Lithuania: Social Developments of Chinese and Turkish Immigrant Groups
    • Research interests:contemporary migration processes: new patterns of migration in CEE after EU enlargement, immigration and integration policies and measures, labour migration and migrant integration processes, development of monitoring indicators on migrant groups in Lithuania.
    • Email:karolis@ces.lt