Labour Market and Employment in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Tijana Angjelkovska

    • Topic of the paper:
    • Research interests:
    • Email:
  • Viktorija Atanasovska

    PhD Candidate in Economics, Staffordshire University, UK

  • Kitti Baracsi

    Project Coodinator "Common Development Program for Roma/Gypsy NGOs", Colorful Pearls Association for Southerner Roma Women

    • Topic of the paper:Four cases studies of Roma CEE Countries in Campina: rom-slavi, rumeni, ungheresi and bulgari
    • Research interests:
    • Email:kitti.baracsi@gmail.com
  • Nina Bankovic

    PhD Candidate, University of Zagreb and University of Oslo , Communication advisor, Ministry of Environment FBIH

    • Topic of the paper:Exploring education and labour policy mismatch and its influence on unemployment rate in Western Balkan countries
    • Research interests:
    • Email:nina.brankovic@gmail.com
  • Almina Bešić

    Research and Teaching Associate at the Department of Human Resource Management, Social and Economic Sciences University of Graz, Austria

    • Topic of the paper:Internationalisation Strategies and Human Resource Practices of Austrian Companies in Selected Countries in South-East Europe
    • Research interests:International (Human Resource) Management, Organisational Employment Strategies, Health Economics
    • Email:almina.besic@uni-graz.at
  • Svitlana Buko

    Professor at Precedent Academics, International project management

    • Topic of the paper:“Barriers to inclusion of IT entrepreneurs-leaders into the formal sector of employment in Ukraine”
    • Research interests:cross-cultural communication and new employment patterns, intercultural studies
    • Email:svitlana.buko@gmail.com
  • Elma Delmir

    Researcher at Association for Democratic Initiatives, Sarajevo

    • Topic of the paper:The car that’s going downhill: Illegal work and its impact on economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Research interests:
    • Email:elma.demir@gmail.com
  • Anca Dohotariu

    Professor assistant, Faculty of Political Sciences, Bucharest University

    • Topic of the paper:Child minders in Bucharest: A shadowed category between law, employment and social norms
    • Research interests:family and social policies, sociology of private life, gender studies, qualitative research
    • Email:anca.dohotariu@fspub.unibuc.ro
  • Olena Fedyuk

    PhD in Social Anthropology Central European University Budapest, Hungary

    • Topic of the paper:Costs and benefits of labor migration on migrants’ professional trajectories and their households’ well-being: comparative case study of Ukrainian labor migration to Italy and Ireland.
    • Research interests:
    • Email:fedyuko@ceu.hu
  • Réka Geambașu

    Assistant professor, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj

    • Topic of the paper:Women's access to labour market, part-time work, Hungarian and Romanian case studies
    • Research interests:gender and work, labour movements in Central and Eastern Europe, ageing
    • Email:geambasureka@yahoo.com
  • Jan Grill

    Associated Researcher, Centre for Policy Studies, Central European University, Budapest

    • Topic of the paper:Roma migrations and socio-economic mobilities of labour markets in Central Eastern Europe
    • Research interests:Ethnicity and race, mobility and migration, nationalism, marginality, ethnography of state and borders, politics of multiculturalism, inequality, identity
    • Email:jan.grill@gmail.com
  • Daniel Horn

    European University Institute, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Max Weber Fellow, Budapest

    • Topic of the paper:School-based vocational or work-based apprentice training? An assessment of the Hungarian vocational training system
    • Research interests:effects of institutions on the effectiveness and inequality of education systems
    • Email:daniel.horn@eui.eu
  • Alice Iancu

    Lecturer at the Faculty of Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, Hyperion University in Bucharest

    • Topic of the paper:Lucky to live in the capital city? A space and relational approach to women’s social exclusion in Bucharest
    • Research interests:gender relations in Romania and EU
    • Email:alice_iancu@yahoo.com
  • Katarina Jirsa

    Professional associate in the Counseling center for legal aid and psycho-social support for women who suffered domestic violence

    • Topic of the paper:Competitiveness of women victims of domestic violence on labour markets - Problems and perspectives
    • Research interests:gender based violence, women's human rights, gender equality policies, psychological support for women who suffered violence
    • Email:katarina.jirsa@gmail.com
  • Klára Kalíškovoká

    PhD candidate and Junior Researcher, Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI), Prague, Czech Republic

    • Topic of the paper:Public Policies and Female Labor Supply in the EU: Microeconomic Approach
    • Research interests:labor economics, policy evaluations, public economics, experimental and behavioural economics
    • Email:klara.kaliskova@cerge-ei.cz
  • Lucie Kalousova

    PhD Student in Sociology and Health Policy, University of Michigan

    • Topic of the paper:Negative psychosocial working conditions impact quality of aging after labor force exit and geographical and social stratification within the European Union
    • Research interests:social stratification and mobility, health disparities, comparative social policy
    • Email:luciekal@umich.edu
  • Asja Korbar

    Researcher and Project Manager of EC IPA Project in Croatia Leadership for Local Community

    • Topic of the paper:The effects of separate schooling on employment possibilities of youth of Serbian national minority in Vukovar-Sirmium County in Croatia
    • Research interests:
    • Email:asjakorbar@gmail.com
  • Jelena Laušev

    Assistant Professor Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University

    • Topic of the paper:Size of Public Sector and Local Private Sector Responses: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries
    • Research interests:Labour Economics, Development Economics
    • Email:jelena@ekof.bg.ac.rs
  • Iga Magda

    Assistant Professor at Department of Economics , Warsaw School of Economics

    • Topic of the paper:What makes young people the marginalized labour market group? Evidence from Poland
    • Research interests:Labour economics: labour market policies, unemployment, wages and wage disparities
    • Email:iga.magda@sgh.waw.pl
  • Olena Y. Nizalova

    PhD in Labor Economics, Econometrics, Health Economics, Michigan State University; Assistant Professor of Economics on the Kyiv School of Economics

    • Topic of the paper:Inequality in Working Conditions: Ukrainian Experience
    • Research interests:
    • Email:nizalova@kse.org.ua
  • Timea Pal

    Doctoral Candidate at the Political Science Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    • Topic of the paper:Manufacturing on the Move: Employment Implications of Multinational Enterprise Restructurings in Central and Eastern Europe
    • Research interests:
    • Email:palt@mit.edu
  • Tatjana Peric

    PhD candidate, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

    • Topic of the paper:Expectations against exclusion: Young educated Roma and labour markets in Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Research interests:Race, ethnicity, gender, migration, discrimination
    • Email:t.peric@uns.ac.rs
  • Norbert Petrovici

    Lecturer in Urban Sociology and Urban Economy at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania.

    • Topic of the paper:Imagining the Economy and the Labour Market as an Unemployed
    • Research interests:urban sociology, urban economics, participatory democracy, critical theory
    • Email:norbertpetrovici@socasis.ubbcluj.ro
  • Oleksii Polegkyi

    PhD Researcher at the Wroclaw University, Poland/Antwerp University, Belgium

    • Topic of the paper:Ukrainian labour migrants in Poland: Part of society or unwanted visitors?
    • Research interests:Post-Communist Transformations, Media and Political discourse, European integration, Soft power
    • Email:polegkyy@hotmail.com
  • Jelena Žarković Rakić

    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

    • Topic of the paper:Addressing rising inactivity of older people in Serbia
    • Research interests:Public economics; Tax-benefits microsimulation modelling; labour supply modelling; public policies and redistributive effects
    • Email:zarkovic@ekof.bg.ac.rs
  • Anca Simionca

    PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU

    • Topic of the paper:Career flexibility between labour market precariousness and personal choice: The case of middle managers in Romania
    • Research interests:
    • Email:ancasimionca@gmail.com
  • Alexandra Szőke

    Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle Saale, Germany

    • Topic of the paper:A ‘Road to Work’? – Public work and (un)employment in the Hungarian countryside
    • Research interests:social security and welfare, state rescaling and local state formation, state restructuring and transformation of the countryside in Hungary, rural development, rural citizenship, post-socialism and neoliberalism in CEE
    • Email:alexa.szoke@gmail.com