Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the fellowship?

Researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, affiliated to an institution in CEE, studying or dealing with employment, labour markets and socio-demographic change in this region in a theoretical, empirical or practical way.

How often is the call for papers open?

The call for papers opens every two years, each time covering a different topic.

Can an application be made by more than one researcher?

An application for a fellowship can be made by one person, or by a research team of two persons.

How long does it take for an application to be reviewed?

The process of reviewing the applications takes up to three months, from deadline for application to the decision of granting the fellowship.

What are the criteria for selection?

The applications go through a peer review process where experts analyse the quality of the research proposal. The criteria for selection are based on the experience of the researcher, the topic he/she is researching on, the contribution brought to the topic, the quality of the research proposal, and the budget allocated.

What does the fellowship include?

The fellowship includes financial support for up to one year for the proposed paper or project; invitation to scientific conferences; affiliation with a network of researchers and practitioners interested in socio-economic and demographic change, employment and unemployment, aging, migration and intergenerational transfers; participation in internal workshops, an ERSTE Foundation Summer School and selected other public events; publication and promotion of results.

What are the expenses the fellowship covers for?

The fellowship covers subsidies for research activities, meetings, data purchase, expert-interviews, translation and travel expenses will be granted by way of a quarterly stipend.

What is the result of the fellowship?

The fellows are asked to provide a mid-term presentation and a mid-term financial report. In the end of the fellowship the fellows should deliver a paper, based on the proposal approved by the peer reviewers, of min 30 pages.

Who owns the copyrights of the final paper?

The copyrights remain with the author of the paper. He/she needs to deliver 15 copies of its publication and should mention that the paper was supported by ERSTE Foundation. Please refer to the funding guidelines.