The Post-EU-Integration Migration of the Polish and Intergenerational Relations: The case of health professionals migrating from Poland to the UK

The paper aims at analysing the effects of migration of Polish health professionals to the UK following Poland’s accession to the European Union. The research examines the impact on both the economy and the society, in particular in the context of intergenerational relations.

The first part depicts the context of the migration processes. The second¬†one,¬†presents major theories of migration and intergenerational relations relevant to the case study. Thirdly, it analyses the scale of the health professionals’ migration, as well as benefits and costs of migration for their homeland country and the society, particularly, the changes to intergenerational relations within the family.

Ewa Slezak

Reader, Department of Economics, Cracow University of Economics, Poland

  • Topic of the paper:The post- EU integration migration and the intergenerational relations in the Central and Eastern European countries. The case of Poland.
  • Research interests: